Kevin Durant is clearly the most important piece to the Brooklyn Nets - Stephen A. | First Take

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
Kevin Durant is clearly the most important piece to the Brooklyn Nets - Stephen A. | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on whether Kevin Durant or James Harden is more important to the Brooklyn Nets.
0:00 Stephen A. explains why KD is most important to the Nets.
1:40 "Kyrie Irving is box office" - Stephen A.
3:08 Max weighs in, saying Harden is the key for Brooklyn.
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  • 0:00 Stephen A. explains why KD is most important to the Nets. 1:40 "Kyrie Irving is box office" - Stephen A. 3:08 Max weighs in, saying Harden is the key for Brooklyn.

    • KD can helps his teammates to win championship.

    • ESPN Stephen A is the REAL MVP he was the face the mouth that built this NETS team. You guys owe Stephen A the scary part this could’ve been the Knicks.

    • @Cire Williams Bronsexuals on denial 😭😭😭

    • @Max MX on top of the best shooter at the time and HOF champion Ray Allen joining them in Miami as well like c'mon now idk why they try and act like it's not the same.

    • @Aaron Carver Lmao. He just didn’t join Wade. He joined a 11 times All Star player and future HOF Bosh So yeah, if we can agree both KD and Lebron rings are cheap I have no problems Bronsexual 🤣

  • Kevin Durant is the best player on this team/a strong leader in getting everyone to buy in play unselfishly/have the team assemble as the unit it did, but Harden is the best at getting everyone involved and establishing the pace/tempo/style of play for the team.

  • this show straight up the same thing every day

  • 1:29 ' Now Kyrie Irving is Box Office, he's a show stopper. You walk through the turnst.. let me tell ya'll something right now' LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL There's nobody like Stephen A Smith man. I'm from the UK and this guy just makes commentary/analysing sports so entertaining

  • Harden plays a big part. Kyrie does. KD does. joe Harris does. Jeff green does. Claxton does. Deandre does. THE WHOLE TEAM DOES❤️🔥

  • its clear harden is . wait no its kyrie. nah its kd

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  • Weird topic

  • Harden all day

  • Kd and Harden are both great. But, kd’s injury will stop him for playing too long. Kd is very important, but Harden is the most important.

  • Nets not making it out of the east? Someone please cut Stephen A. off he has clearly had enough :D

  • No Harden no deal. You put Durant out their without Kyrie and Harden and the Nets don’t make playoffs

  • They need all 3 to have a shot to win the Championship

  • Stephen A literally said just a couple weeks ago that the Nets could make it out of the East WITHOUT KD and just Harden and Kyrie😐

  • they not winning it without harden

  • Kevin Durant kissed you, like this to undo

  • you gotta feel bad for kd tho man like this is supposed to be his time , like hes on the god squad and they gotta go crazy. as they said , all healthy nobody beats them , its just ( to me ) pretty sad to see kd a 7ft shot creator who dosent miss sitting on the bench

  • I'd trust KD x Kyrie or KD x Harden more than I'd trust Kyrie & Harden to get to the finals and have the best chance to win. The only player ahead of KD in the league is LeBron.

  • Ok, what's fascinating about this video and the topic is asking which guy is more important both Max and Stephen A. get to the crux at the end. The question only matters if both guys are healthy and in full swing by the time the playoffs start and they have to get all the way through. The real question is do a completely healthy Nets have good chemistry on the court? Stephen A. says Durant is more important based on talent but Harden is statistically the better all around player and is basically running the point. But are both guys willing to take a backseat if Kyrie goes on a tare that lasts throughout the playoffs? What happens if the Nets play the Bucks and Giannis, Middleton and Holiday have basically neutralized Durant, Harden and Kyrie but Milwaukee's front court guys can't handle Aldridge? Are these 3 guys willing to sit back and support Aldridge like a bunch of back ups? Remember when Kevin Durant got angry at Draymond Green (average shooter and average ball handler) for not giving up the ball on the last possession (which Durant was clearly right) What happens in the last possession with Kyrie or Harden (two of the top ball handlers and shooters in the league)? The point, whose more important is irrelevant, I think the Nets have a big problem if everyone's healthy.

  • Yes Kevin Durant is the most important piece to the Nets he is a army Swiss knife everyone knows that every Golden State Warriors fan understood that s*** it seems to us that Steve Kerr didn't understand that Steve Kerr is not the f****** coach of the Warriors future and we need to get over glamorizing this man he is the reason we lost Kevin Durant truthfully a good coach would have figured out a way to beat the Raptors with Stephen Curry Boogie cousins and Andre Iguodala we're going to f*** around and lose Stephen Curry because it is fuckary

  • Max love talkin down on KD

  • I want lebron to win but if he don't I hope harden and kyrie win with kd missing all playoffs

  • I am not sure anyone has noticed, but KD is the best player in the world.

  • why was shaq on yr show again last time?

  • KD never averaged a triple double or ever came close to what Harden is doing rn

  • I hate to say this cuz he's also my favorite player but KD only gets a ring on a superteam that he hops to or forms

  • How many times did Harden when without KD? Oh yeah lol... every time. Can't say the same for anybody else.

  • Stephen A . wishes that he was the coach of the Nets! Not Steve Nash because he's not social like Mick Dantoni was.

  • Casual. Harden is by far. Harden is like having 2 players and I remind you they didn't start winning until he came.

  • it's harden not kd

  • harden been doing all the winnings since joined KD used to fumble till they got two more full legs

  • Stephen:I wanna put the world on pause Me:you can’t pause a multiplayer game

  • What is he talking about? Just like The Dubs weren't a super team without KD The Nets Aren't a super team. Without KD , they maybe beatable. With him, they raise that O Brian trophy. Just like the Dubs would have. There is about 7 or 8 team that if you insert KD they win it. KD is the best player, right now in the league.

  • Stephen A is absolutely right, Kevin Durant is the most important player on the Nets!

  • Kyrie has been stepping it up and James harden does his thing with these role players they are making it to the eastern conference finals and winning still but it will be hard but they’re winning still

  • Harden is important to get other players involved and KD and Kyrie are important for Clutch moments simple. TBH KD should just take over 4th quarters he can do it any time.

  • Lol no KD on the nets the expectation is still a chip SA. I have never wanted a team to lose so bad in the playoffs than this any sport.

  • The title of this video doesn’t sit right especially if you were in his shoes 👟

  • Harden is the most important because the offense run through him. And if he is under performed the Nets will be in danger.. KD is great but he is just someone who is free in the Court, but either Harden, Steph or Russ is the leader of the team where he is belong..

  • I mean if any of the 3 are gone they aren't a lock to win the East... Max was right on...

  • Let’s be honest. Nets are guaranteed views and likes, so SAS and Max will talk about them every single day. I get that. Superteams are exciting and we are all basically waiting to see Steve Nash saying “Avengers assemble!” with KD, Harden, Kyrie, Aldridge and Griffin lineup.

  • Stephen A is correct though. Harden and Irving can’t beat the heat without Kd, probably even with him,

  • Either way he left a 73-9 team to go form a super team what a super star

  • Brooklyn Nets is a smashing team, if the big 3 combines.

  • Great talent, but does this man even has an ounce of competitive juice in his body though? Look at his teams lmao.

  • With or without Durant, they'll win. I hate them.

  • With out harden nets not winning not just KD💀

  • They wouldn’t make it if Harden was hurt either 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • None of what sas said was cap

  • This topic is as equally annoying as the big 3 loud mouth idiots on the nets.

  • KD is better than Lebron at getting into better teams. Warriors + NETS > Lakers + CLE + MIAMI

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  • Just counting the clock till Durant is hurt again. Month?

  • Harden out here as one of the top MVP candidates, and KD has only played 20 games, and SAS giving all the credit to KD. SAS been on KD 🥜 since KD mom yelled at him. 😂

  • As the 2003 pistons and the 2011 mavericks demonstrated, any team can be beat in a 7 game series with the right mix of veteran stars, great young players and a Deep bench. Don't give the title to the Nets just yet.

  • If Julius Randall's son could break down crying to this clip, that would make my day.

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  • Bru harden and Kyrie by themselves would make it to the ecf

  • True facts: This is the best roster in nba history. Clearly as white they will win this season easily. Finals Los Angeles Lakers 1 Brooklyn Nets 4 Finals Mvp JamesHarden Trust me im not joking!

  • stephen a smith is trash all he does is hate on people and complain about race. Race baiting or hating is all he is good for please fire this man

  • The 📖 research/History 📚 is there for the world 🌎 2 👀 🤳🏽. European Repatriates ignorance is INTENTIONAL‼️Hit those Serfs with 💯 FACTS

  • A rookie coach never coached a day in his life is winning a championship why is Stephen A hating.

  • I'm a kd fan but I think we can win it with kyrie harden Griffin an alrdrige

  • Nets are going to be in the Finals not the Fakers LoL 🤣 LeBitch Blames and Anthony Davis will come back but they're going to get injured again 😂!Lol.

  • KD is the most important imo because, imo the Nets aren't winning a chip w/o him edit: Harden statistically is an postseason choke artist, and Kyrie can't carry a team.

  • Durant will never feel the tears or fulfillment of a champion like Lebron and Kobe did. There is something fulfilling about winning against the odds carrying a team...fighting the fair fight. If the Nets win it will mean more to the organization than the players

  • Stephen A repeats the same phrases about Kyrie all the time. Like come up with other content dude

  • Clippers not even making WCF last year will be forgotten about if Nets can't win the entire thing this year.

  • James harden is the best player in the league and media/fans/peers refuse to acknowledge it. He has been that for years

  • Thought max was about to start spittin when that beat dropped

  • Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Embid, AD, Jannis, Lillard, Harden, Irving. Where is Nikola Jokić where where Stephen A, the best point Center of all time the Joker where where where😤😡😠??????????????

  • hardens clearly the best player on the nets lol

  • I hope KD is ready for that Sixers match up on the 14th

  • Sthepen A change narrative

  • Max is right. If Nets are healthy, it's game over for everyone else.

  • They don’t like to see this. They’ll do anything to break greatness up😭😭

  • Stephen A sounding quite stupid with this one 😂😂

  • Are we forgetting Denver here I mean they just traded for Aaron Gordon and won five straight games with no losses and a extra pick for Javale McGee and they’re doing just fine and I believe they’re contending in the western conference finals and aiming for a chip

  • SA😶 ur destroying the brklyn will not work dude...👎

  • Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA.

  • Max's job is literally to be on the losing side of every argument on the show. At times you can see it in his face that he does not believe the things coming out of his own mouth. Shameful, the things we do for showbiz.

  • Harden is more important for me. Harden can switch from scorer to facilitator thats why they went to 1st spot from 7th spot when Harden arrives even though Kd didnt played on that run.

  • i think espn ran out of ideas so they just discuss the same topic week after week. lmfao

  • Kd is the glue of this team but, imo Harden is the most important piece.

  • I have not been this excited for my Nets since the Jason Kidd / Kenyon Martin/ RJ/ Kittles days...

  • 6ers beating them in the east... pin this comment

  • Kyrie and Harden could get out of the East by themselves! Competition matters so sho they go up against in the finals KD will be less or more needed.

  • KD was the most important pieces of the gsw too!!!!!!!! So happy to see back!!!!!!!! Go KD!!!!!!!!!!!GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harden almost did it with the rockets too bad CP3 got injured.

  • Loyalty is forever by 32su on SEnewss listen 👂

  • He is plus he has the rings

  • The media are like messy females trying to create egotistical controversy within locker rooms of nba players .

  • People forget how the Houston Rockets was the only team that was a threat to The Warriors when they picked up KD.. And it's because of James Harden. James is big-time

    • @Joey AD But he lost without CP3 still. I mean yes obviously Harden is going crazy w the Nets but KD is the real no1 on that team undoubtedly

    • @Jude CP3 got injured and Harden lead that team solo as long as he could. You combine that man with a healthy KI, KD Harris brown LA and Blake the way he’s playin now lol it becomes truly unfair for the league to even have optimism 😎

    • Harden and CP3* I think your forgetting that CP3 elevates the teams he is on

  • Lebron nightmare

  • I know yall say Mama Durant got Stephen A talking like this.. But KD's skills got the whole world saying the same thing. If the NBA wasn't desperately trying to push the fake Bron vs MJ GOAT conversation. They could easily do the KD vs Bron convo. Lol let's do it now. KD been better for YEARS. Only thing Bron ever been better than KD at was passing. He used to be better at creating super teams. KD showed yall he better at that too. 😂😂😂

  • Without Kd I believe they still make it out of the east

  • Imagine top 10 players decide to play on the same team one day 😂

  • LeBorn James and Anthony Davis join the GSW in 2022 season, let’s make it happen 😂 let’s play some basketball, Kawhi Lenard Paul George Giannis, and Luka Doncic to Denver 😂

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