Max Kellerman isn't buying Russell Wilson's commitment to the Seahawks | First Take

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
Max Kellerman isn't buying Russell Wilson's commitment to the Seahawks | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss Russell Wilson's future with the Seattle Seahawks.
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0:00 Max Kellerman is not buying Russell Wilson's commitment to the Seahawks.
2:09 Stephen A. Smith talks about the possibility of Wilson staying in Seattle.
5:09 Max discusses the Seahawks' efforts to improve the offensive line.
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  • 0:00​ Max Kellerman is not buying Russell Wilson's commitment to the Seahawks. 2:09​ Stephen A. Smith talks about the possibility of Wilson staying in Seattle. 5:09​ Max discusses the Seahawks' efforts to improve the offensive line.

    • Do you know how many players are in the NFL? Yes, you got my point!

    • 0:01 Charly lookin bad af

  • Lolololol what a goof

  • Russ has deemed Seattle too small of a city for him now that he thinks he’s a big time celebrity. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him New York, Vegas, Boston, or Dallas some day

  • He leads the league in sacks Max. 50 last year

  • Stop making mountain's out of mole hills. Max, u throw yourself under the bus every day

  • of course hes not...he cant or the made up news goes away

  • Yayy no molly

  • Russell Wilson is such a confident elite athlete that anything less than a play off spot is absolutely an exeptiblel!!hes getting hit to much for one,its killing him that younger Patrick maholes is achieving more,his father instilled in him to all belive and achieve WIN!!

  • Yin: If it's not about the Yankees, Max doesn't really care. Yang: Cascadia doesn't even know who Max Kellerman is. Ahh, the balance.

  • I believe Russell is Smart! He is seeing what is happening to Deshaun Watson, and is backpedaling 'appropriately' to the NFL 'standards', owner-style.

  • It's amazing that NFL "experts" don't clue into the fact Seattle has consistently set up offseason drama with intent. How many times over the years have you heard about the Hawks and Russ, Sherm, Earl etc. Branding is everything in a smaller market during the off season. It also allows Schneider to talk to teams and gauge the trade market values any given year. I'm not saying there is no drama in football, just not as much as the media feeds on.

  • These type of people are going to single handedly ruin sports in the future.. calling it rn!!!! if your team isn’t a dynasty yet then it never deserves to be according to these two guys! If your teams arnt Chiefs Lakers tampabay or Nets then your team doesn’t stand or deserve a chance

  • Max can say that now , who wouldn't go to Tampa, but he could have also lost his legacy

  • The best line I have heard from Max in a long time "Yeah, they weren't great!"😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • This was blown out of proportion in the interview the guy was pressuring Russ to say something that the media could use😒

  • I like how the national commentators that don't really follow the Seahawks year in and year out think they know what the issues of this dynamic are really all about. The trading of Max Unger was the last piece of the Super Bowl winning OL to go, and it was to obtain one of Russell's personal friends in Jimmy Graham. The purging of Seattle's OL started in 2014. At the end of 2015 is when Unger was traded and that was the last of the 5 starters from 2013. Why? Because Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor, Bennett, Avril, Marshawn Lynch, K.J. Wright and eventually Russell and Bobby Wagner all had to be paid. They sacrificed the OL because of Russell's mobility. Right, Wrong or indifferent. Wilson is not the same kid that won the Super Bowl and then Blew the second championship at the goal line. Russell has had a new circle of friends since he married Ciara. A lot of folks telling him how great he is. Not like his father raised him. Bucky Brooks said it best when he called him Hollywood Russ.

  • Max doesn’t know football and the Seahawks are more open to trading russ than russ is to getting traded lmso

  • He has so many sacks cuz he always bails from the pocket and runs around like he thinks he's Rodgers in 2010.

  • Max funny 😂😂😂

  • Espn be like. RUSS TELL US WHAT YOU WANT! Russ: I want to stay in Seattle ESPN: Not buying it

  • I really don't blame Russell Wilson He's never had a fence Eve lyne who has ever blocked for this man since they won the Super Bowl seahawks have gotten rid of all their main players All they think about is getting a running back you gotta have A-line 1st you have to have a office of line

  • Bottom half oline? Lay off the weeduh

  • 2:55 "Get rid of the ball, Russ." LOL. Gotta love Max!

  • These 2 morons said that Seattle had no chance against Denver! Ok you guys ( because I wont ) listen to these losers again if ya have ta! Morons!

  • Max you sucks

  • MAX You Are Something Else Russ isn't go anywhere

  • Max, you need to quit your job. Quit beating this dead horse and find something else to skew WAAAAAY tf out of proportion. This story is dead dude, move along, or, and this would be preferable... QUIT YOUR JOB!!!

  • The run game isn’t good if all the backs are hurt max don’t watch ball

  • We didn’t get rid of the legion of boom either kam retired Bc injury and earl and Sherman left after injury

  • Max need to shut up said get rid of the ball when he found out he been sacked 397 times u want him to throw the ball away almost 400 times max needa stick to boxing

  • Wilson is not getting traded. End of story

    • @Green Earth 🔥

    • @Pure chaos What part of end of story do you not understand. He does not want to get traded and the team does not want to trade him.

    • Unless he forces his way out like watson is doing

  • I'm with Stephen A on this!! Russell need more protection on that offensive-line, so he can have more time in the pocket to throw the ball down field, instead of running 🏃‍♂️for his life every season!!!🤦‍♀️😬

    • @Mathew Phelps I agreed !!!! Well said!!!🙄👍

    • Only 2 QBs on average hold on to the ball longer in the pocket than Wilson. Yes, the line has always been problematic but Wilson has always tried to be known as a thrower and not a runner which has led to sacks. He himself holding on the ball too long has been the cause for some of his sacks. He also has to take into account that as he got his pay days occupying more of the salary cap on his own the ability to pay for decent free agent linemen as well as always having late first round draft picks doesn't get you the NFL caliber ready type of guys. Ifedi is proof of that.

  • Mr. Wilson needs to come to Atlanta to replace the choke artist himself: IceMelt

    • Nope matty ice doesn’t choke the coaches do

  • Please get Charly permanent. My God 🤭❤

  • I didn't buy this from the beginning. It doesn't make sense. Sounds like someone crying to get his way and called his bluff. He better be careful or he might catch 30 sexual assault cases over a tantrum.

  • Russ hasn’t thrown anyone under the buss, maybe the o-line should block better. How many sacks has Russ escaped?

    • Good point, and how many did Russ create himself? Looks like 50/50 to me.

  • Max just stfu already... lol buddy needs to chill!


    • Touch grass and stop simping

  • "threw them underneath the bus"😂😂😂😂 Idiot

  • Russell Wilsonbrook

  • Is Molly gone yet? Bc we like Charlie so much better

  • Russell is a great QB but he’s looking silly by how he and his agent are handling this. You don’t just say you’re not looking for a trade the say what teams you’d go to...

    • Russell doesn't look silly, it's the media and fans who ran away with a story that wasn't there. He gave one interview and clearly stated his feelings and from that, the media and fans have lied and twisted his words to drag a non story for weeks.

  • The lethal sister-in-law gratifyingly choke because snowflake acutely bathe opposite a wasteful man. hushed, lopsided hydrogen

  • The aware area extraorally attempt because stem collectively complain inside a astonishing chemistry. happy, wise coin

  • Wilson have become a b!tch

  • half of wilson’s sacks are on him

    • Yea but that's the style of play. Wilson is incredible because of the plays that he extends. Bad with the good.

  • Wilson for Rodgers, swap! 😆

  • He didn’t throw them under the bus bruh

  • 85th comment

  • So Russ threw the Oline under the bus by asking for more depth since they got banged up a lot this season? Aside from that. If the Seahawks had better passing plays. Russell wouldn’t be upset today

    • @Michael Hardwick People still make fun of us for it

    • @Michael Hardwick Nah I’m like that’s tough but no one is going to truly forget. At least no one who saw it live.

    • @Juan Garrido lol c'mon man, everyone is over that except the media. I do miss BeastMode, though.

    • @Michael Hardwick ofc he left something behind. He left his second SB ring at the Arizona 1yd line lol 😭

    • @Juan Garrido lol fair assessment. It's not in guys' like Pete's nature to ever retire, because they always feel like they left something on the table and could have done more. I can only see Pete retiring if his health (god forbid) goes south.

  • Charly is sexy!!!

  • They pissing me off, man just said he gonna comeback and yall been talking about this for a whole month now stfu

  • Shhhhh

  • Russell Wilson wants another big receiver and will not be satisfied until the Seahawks get one. He is still upset management couldn't snag Antonio Brown.

    • @T Young don't be surprised if he leaves after his contact is up or before. AB went to TB and they won a Superbowl.

    • He told you that?

  • Kamara is pissed

  • Just saying this host should get the job permanently

  • Max has some valid points, but the problem that he never brought up is while after the Legion of Boom was gone and Russell became the face of the Seahawks the team was still doing one thing the same while also allowing Russ to throw more. Up until this next season Russ has been trying to turn this into a super pass heavy offense while working with a "RUN FIRST SCHEME" and that's why the results were so bad during the second half of last season as well as a few years prior they've been trying to mix two aspects of the team that weren't compatible. They changed one thing but not the other. Hopefully the new OC will provide that new needed compatibility to realize the high powered pass first offense.

  • ESPN really horny for takes on russs lmaoooo

  • The views will go higher if they put charly on all the time cuz how can you not look at her 😍

    • I'm saying 😋

  • Go Hawks LOL

  • Russ also holds the ball longer than Carson Wentz so stop blaming everything on his O Line 😂

  • Saints Bears Raiders Cowboys Super Bowl Russell Ciara (SBRC) Is this how they made the destination decisions???

  • Can we not get anyone better then this idiot Steven A. talking about sports on ESPN? This guy is a fool!

  • Yall milking this story.....

  • Is anyone pumped ESPN hired Charly full time? I sense a permanent replacement for Molly incoming!

    • She does the job very very well. Best mod since Cari Champion

  • Charly is hot. That is all.

  • out here looking like luna star

  • Now that March madness is over they have nothing else to talk about

    • It’ll be cowboys lebron zion or lámelo from here on

    • Let’s not pretend they did more than like one segment a day on college ball

  • He’d also take iguadola

  • No Molly!!!! Yes!!!!

  • He would have been gone if they were trading him

    • They were never trading him this year. 39 million dead cap hit. No team can survive with that kind of hit

  • Ok espn. It's been 3 weeks since you guys have covered deshaun watson. Now that even Nike has cut ties with him, you guys still won't cover the story? You guys are really trying to protect a predator so bad? Why do you guys even call yourself sports journalist?

  • Seahawks have spent this off season helping Russ for this season and beyond. Signed new guard to extension. Signed Lockett to extension. Signed Carson to extension. Singed Dunlap to extension. Russ is seeing Seattle make necessary moves needed.

    • ​@S2l4T Fine, top 15, I can't think of too many QBs better than Russ

    • @Joker06 I was gonna really say top 10 all time tbh but show me your list

    • @S2l4T I'm a Hawks fan, top 15 in history is kind of a stretch

    • @The Moore Report Dude, you probably just listen to the media, but yeah, he needs to stop holding on to the ball too long, coming from a Seahawks fan

    • Russ needs to check down when there is nothing deep or intermediate. He scrambles and still looks for the deep shot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's catastrophic. As soon as defenses started playing 2 high, it was more of the latter.

  • This what happens when you take the money Russell🙄

  • Imagine if he went to the 49ers? They have a top pick and maybe send garopolo. And picks. But the weapons, defense, o line. Man...

    • @rightful one yes true our teams dont like each other but i do think we made a trade a few years ago during the draft which was very suprising

    • Seahawks would never trade us Russ.....unless they ravaged our roster and we send like 5 first round picks, and they would demand Nick Bosa also....out of all the teams in the NFL...those 2 are the 2 least likely to ever do deals with each other

    • Why would the seahawks do a in division trade?

  • Do the New York Jets trade for Russ or keep their draft picks? That's the question.

    • Go from Russ a top 3 QB to an unproven rookie? Nope. The only acceptable rookie replacement would be Lawrence.

  • Slow day huh

  • Malcom Butler isn't buying Russell Wilson doesn't want out of Seattle.

  • Max should be fired. He's more wrong than the watson situation. Remember 4 years ago. Brady was supposed to fall off a cliff

    • @goat27 Maybe not terrible. Though Molly is an annoyance sometimes

    • @Kyle Mulkey Yeah I don’t get it either

    • @M K thats cause basically everyone one espn is terrible lol

    • @M K just saying How do they get 97% of stuff wrong and keep their job? Doesn't make sense to me

    • Ok? Analysts aren’t perfect. Remember Stephan A got the finals predictions wrong for like 8 years straight.

  • Stephen A always confusing Russell Westbrook with Russell Wilson. It never gets old.

  • Max Kellerman, an employee for a network that wants Wilson to leave for their own selfish reasons, doesn't buy his comments....How shocking

  • Dont buy it Sell it

  • Russell Wilson gotta get outta there, he been sacked over 300 times in his career thats tuff

    • @David Renteria they had jones during one of those two games, can’t remember which one, and we were for the most part able to hold down the fort. Our o line just gets crushed when we play the Rams, it’s been happening for 6 years

    • @Sai Trivedi i mean you can say bc 49ners were injured and the cardinals didnt have jones

    • @David Renteria aside from the 2 Rams games, he didn’t really get destroyed. There was even a stretch of 3-4 games where we held Russ to zero sacks. The reason our o line fell off last year was because of injuries, and Russ was holding the ball too long

    • @fîsh nope they don't it wont hold up against the rams d-line 49ners d-line and cardinals d-line he going get destroyed

    • They have a solid oline at the moment

  • Max “with the fate of the universe on the line!” Kellerman


  • No Molly today is a good day!!!

    • I just wish Max would get off the show, idiot

    • But we have max who has no clue what he’s talking about. Seahawks would be more willing to trade russ than it is Russ who wants a trade. We won a ring with a Qb on a rookie contract

    • Amen to that.

  • “Survival is the only road to riches. You should try to maximize return only if losses would not threaten your survival and if you have a compelling future need for the extra gains you might earn.”Earn 40,000$ every week from your own investment. Ask me how

  • Russ knows he can't run for his life anymore. Nothing is more important than the Oline

    • @David Renteria Our defense is the biggest reason why we went 12-4, when Russ regressed

    • @David Renteria if the goal for Wilson is to go to a place where he can focus on his brand/off the field ventures then fine, but if the goal is to win, his best chances are with the Seahawks

    • @David Renteria my point is wherever Wilson goes, he won't be going to a complete team. For the last 10 years every time GB loses we blame the lack of weapons, but they always have a half decent o-line

    • @Freddy Gaulman idk what the point there ask alot for wilson bears wanted to get him but Seahawks decline what your point?

    • @David Renteria name me one team right now that can acquire Wilson without giving up any talent and be ready to win a ring in one year

  • What do y’all think about open relationships?

    • open relationship = open legs for her, not you. so who you think is gonna see more action? if you're a man in that type of relationshit, then you have reached the height of simperialism

    • Sheesh man you letting other dudes be up in your girls guts sheesh just leave

    • Super simp move. Just be single...

  • I don't buy Max.

  • He’s outta there ☹️