Mac Jones going No. 3 to the 49ers would be one of the biggest stories in draft history - Finebaum

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
Mac Jones going No. 3 to the 49ers would be one of the biggest stories in draft history - Finebaum
The Get Up crew discusses Mac Jones' stock heading into the 2021 NFL Draft.
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0:00 Will Mac Jones be the No. 3 overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers?
2:53 How Jones' athleticism plays a role in his NFL draft stock.
4:34 Marcus Spears debates whether Jones is worthy of being a top-3 pick.
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  • 0:00​ Will Mac Jones be the No. 3 overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers? 2:53​ How Jones' athleticism plays a role in his NFL draft stock. 4:34​ Marcus Spears debates whether Jones is worthy of being a top-3 pick.

    • I know Jones had a terrific year, with a great team around him, but I'm not seeing an elite third pick talent. He reminds me more of Jason White, Connor Cook, and Gino Torretta, than Joe Burrows, Deshaun Watson, and Trevor Lawrence. He could be a decent NFL game manager type quarterback, but a third pick overall impact offensive weapon?

    • Justin fields

    • I pray not! Guy is spelling bust. Lance and Fields is the way to go by far

    • Not to mention Trask has 3 years under center, better each year, and no DUI!!!

    • STUPIDITY!!! Trask is better than Jones for that kind of QB. Look at his ball placement. 49ers could get Pitts AND Trask and get picks back. No way taking Jones over that scenario is smart. Fields or Wilson better be GODS over that scenario. Take Trask and Pitts with Kittle and Deebo....get outta here!!!

  • It's all about the system. If Mac fits the system then let it be him. If its Justin then let it be him.

  • mitch trubisky didnt beat clemson. mitch trubisky didnt beat ohio state, mitch trubisky didnt beat anyone. mac jones did and was the best qb in college last year. thats why he won the unitas award which is given to the best qb. i dont remember trubisky being at the heisman ceremony

  • mac jones is joe burrow, not mitch trubisky

  • why do people have no problem with joe burrow going #1 but mac jones doesnt deserve #3. mac jones had a slightly better senior season. joe burrow had better wide receivers (justin jefferson and jamar chase are better than waddle and jones) joe burrow had edwards helaire. both nfl draft scouting reports are the exact same word for word. not the strongest arm but good enough. great at pre-snap reads. throws receivers open, protects the football and very accurate. can buy time in the pocket.

  • As fast as these defenses are, he's a sack waiting to happen 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ok ok, fine. I will FINALLY click on a ESPN link...but only because its Paul Finebaum, and hes somewhat impervious to ESPNs woke horseshit.

  • The Steelers is going to be very good in, 2021.Tell all those haters to hating on the Steelers.

  • So I don't necessarily disagree with the critiques of Jones, but they do know the best QB is a guy who couldn't outrun stagnant water, right?

  • Please San Fnanciso draft him #3 and drop to the Bottom.of the Conference

  • Finebaum... SEC apologist. the only “expert” to think Fields shouldn’t be drafted... because he played in the Big Ten.

  • Unfortunately for Mr Jones bama qbs transitioning to the nfl has not been a success story. I ll give him props that’s he’s probably a pretty good Qi but when you have A1 talent everywhere around you on the offense it’s hard to evaluate just how good he really is.

  • Nobody said Mahomes was “transcendant”. Nobody said Russell Wilson was “transcendant”. The only reason Trushitzky went as high as he did is because he ticked the athletic box. Ticking all the boxes isn’t how you avoid a bust. Mac Jones had the most impressive season EVER talent around him be damned! And if talent is a factor then the 49ers have all of that and then some.

  • Mac jones plays like jimmy G. Theyre just average QBs in the NFL. The 49ers would be stupid to draft Mac Jones.

  • 49ers will select Justin Fields.................

  • 49ers should take the LT, from Oregon. The last time the 49ers, drafted an offensive line, with the first three rounds it turned their franchise around. In any other draft Jones is a third to fourth round pick. Someone will be fired if he’s picked high. Fields is not accurate enough to be a high level NFL QB.

  • There are flaws in their argument against Mac Jones...the goal is to win the super bowl, if the niners feel like he is the QB that can make all the reads , hit receivers in stride, has great pocket presence... then why would u pass on him because he’s not an alpha athlete physically...the best traits for a QB are accuracy, reading the filed, and movement in the pocket...u dont need the strongest arm, or to be fast....replace Jimmy G with Matt Ryan in that superbowl and they win it...thats the goal....super athletes at position players is a must ....but at QB mental awareness and accuracy trumps both of those...and for the record Mac Jones doesnt have a noodle, look at the tape

  • I love Macus Spears. Great guy. But funny to hear a bunch of guys talk about NFL. They get paid to. If Mac Jones ends up 3rd pick in the draft.....Good for him. It's because he's earned it. Or Justin Fields..... I'm just glad I don't have to make multi- million fodder decisions. Choosing sock colors is fine by me.

  • Ridiculous! Athleticism is not the defining characteristic of success for a qb in the NFL. Too many good ones don't have tons of it. The order of the pick is irrelevant as well. At 3 who is the best pick??? Only time will tell! What if history shows that Mac turns out to be the next Matt Ryan in Shanahans offense, and Fields and the rest turn out to be busts! That is a possibility too. At this point there is not enough data, and no one has a Chrystal ball. A lot more humility is sorely needed from a LOT of fans and analysts! Less assuredness, and more humility. I read a comment where a 49er "fan" said he will stop watching if the Niners draft Jones. Again, ridiculous!

  • 2 DUI’s and he’s smart? Hmm

  • That last question and answer is the real topic lol

  • Do you think Justin Fields has that “elite” talent? If not, what QB in this class does other than Mac? If he does go to the 49ers, there will probably be a lot of 49ers fans on here eating crow. If y’all don’t want him, I’ll take him at Pittsburgh!

  • Be real. He is not nfl material.

  • Marcus Spears with the mic drop at the end.

  • This is so stupid. So, these guys wouldn’t draft Tom Brady because he wasn’t worth the 3rd pick in the draft. Guess what, Mac Jones looks hella better than Brady coming out of college, that’s a fact. The problem is, yes, Mac Jones isn’t value at number 3, and much less value at 3 first round picks, but, unless the 49ers went ahead and did this crazy trade they wouldn’t have had a chance to get him back at 12, so, you decide, value? Or going all out on the guy you want. When you really want a guy, you have to do whatever it takes to get him, is it value? No, will it be worth it? Only time will tell.

  • This would be the most embarrassing move of all time and as a 49ers fan if they draft Mac Jones honestly I hope we lose all seasons until Jones is gone. So they better draft FIELDS

  • Jones is the next Rosen

  • The best last year stats in college football history.

  • Mac Jones has too many questions. Yes he has a strong arm. Yet he was not able to put play tua. He had the same weapons last year. Could not get Alabama to the playoffs. Mac Jones should not be drafted in the first round. 49ers should get Fields. He is a better quarterback in all forms. Great fit for the 49ers.

  • if the 49ers draft Mac Jones, then Kyle needs to go along with Lynch. He is not fit for this style offence and he will not even be NFL caliber. We do not need this type of QB, we need a QB, worthy of giving all the picks. We need a star in the making which is not Mac Jones.

  • I just hope the Eagles won't screw this draft up.

  • I hate grenny his always talking about sh*t that never happens to get views it’s pathetic. Just talk about me going number 3 I never played football and I’m from Israel that a great headline

  • This is crazy y’all just hate on black quarter backs 60 touchdowns only 9 interceptions it’s Justin fields not mat Jones he had the best team in college football everything spoon feed

  • I hope it's mac jones but whoever is drafted its been 49ers all day EVERYDAY!!!!

  • They don't seem to understand the 49ers feel they already have the team to win the Super Bowl, they need a QB who isn't going to make mistakes and turn over the ball, and Mac Jones is the least likely to do that.

  • Matt will finds decent success but Fields could be something by special in the niners system.

  • Don't believe Shanahan would take Jones over Fields or Lance???? If so not long for the no fun league!

  • If he's good, then 3 is fine. It only matters if he isn't

  • How many "runners" have win the SB?

  • Peyton Manning?

  • Paul whatever is no legend he is an idiot

  • I’m an Alabama fan and love Mac but this is far too risky, to the point of hilarity. I don’t even want this for him. Horrible idea

  • If Jones can hit the weight room, and improve his mobility somewhat, then maybe. But he's really a stretch at #3. I hope the 49ers don't do it. I like Jones, but he's a mid 1st round talent, not a 3rd pick of the draft. Shanahan needs to open his eyes to the QB's the 49ers face in Wilson and Murray, and see how mobility is the key to open the passing and running game. It's not all system. There has to be an element when the called play breaks down. In Alabama, Jones was playing with an NFL level talent O-line and receivers against lesser competition. In the NFL, it's ALL DIFFERENT.

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  • San Fran fans got excited when they hire Shannahan because he is among the best qb evaluators and develoers in the world. They pay this man to make these decisions and it is his job on the line and he is the only San Fran man whose opinion matters and he say Jones. It is Jones. Reminds me of a quote an Alabama coach once made about Bama fans. "Coaches who listen to the folks in the stands will soon find themsleves sitting with them." Gene Stallings

  • I hope the 49ers take Mac Jones cause they will suck for a long time. Justin Fields is even worse. If they take Trey Lance, they will dominate for next 10 seasons.

  • RE: Tim saying if I take a guy at 3 he better be able to transform my franchise. My comment to that is, so who do you take besides Mac at 3? I don't see a John Elway or Dan Marino or Troy Aikman or Andrew Luck in the draft.


  • I think there’s more hype about the “Jones hype” than anything else. Just trying create a story that’s not as big as they say. Nobody knows the future of any of these prospects. They get this wrong all the time. I love to watch their videos on the prospects in older videos. They’re wrong more than they’re right.

  • Love Big Mac! Hope they take him just to see all those heads 'splode! 🤣

  • The trend now is a multi dimensional QB. If 9rs pick Jones and he becomes Rodgers that is genius. If he fails it will be biggest blunder since passing on Rodgers.

  • I think bears trading up to take trubisky will be bigger and baker mayfield no1

  • The Broncos should trade up for Mac Jones.

  • Historical ...

  • If I was a niners fan I'd lose my sh.t... but then again , I'm gonna be losing my sh.t anyways 14 picks later when Thaaaa Raidersssss take someone they could have got in the 2nd or 3rd round . Raiders do good drafting in the later rounds , but day 1 they draft absolute dog sh.t..... besides Josh Jacobs

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  • Remind me how many Super Bowls Kyle Shanahan got? He’s got 0.

  • Please nooo

  • At the end of the day, the Only Transcending QB in this draft is Lawrence, period! Every other QB in this draft, the teams that draft any of them, will only get sloppy seconds and thirds!

  • This dude is not the truth he had all the best players 49ers better take zack wilson or justin fields at 3 if they there

  • Marcus has to explain something--forever--before he gets to the point. Context is not his string suit.

  • “He has zero”...THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ESPN ON SEnewss

  • FIELDS IS RHE BEST QB in this draft class. Mac jones is a worse version of kirk cousins. The byu qb is just like andrew luck. But wont accomplish wven what he has. Trey lance is a smaller version of kyler murray and justin fields is gonna be similar to patrick mahomes. But ......he will have an arm like warren moon with excellent accuracy. Fields will give the 49ers best chance of multiple superbowls. Screenshot this and read it in 3 years. Guarenteed!

  • you know the black guy wanted to say its racist reasoning why 3 white guys are going before the 2 black guys, maybe just maybe the 3 white guys are better

  • Best of the mean like Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning? Ffs, he just needs to throw the ball, and make good decisions. Athleticism only lasts so long. I can't believe people like this get paid to say such stupid sh*t.

  • All y'all saying Mac shouldn't go #3 or the Trubiski comparisons don't know Mac. Zach Wilson is much more likely to be a bust.

  • I'm just saying if you throw for 77% completion, I dont care how many weapons he has, he's gonna be really good.

  • Lmao I’m a Jaguars fan but it’s going to be funny seeing Mac Jones succeed with his “athletic deficiencies” and all

  • If 49ers take jones that will be a major L traded all the way up to 3 for a qb you can get at 10💀

  • Didn’t the great Bill Walsh get flack for drafting the great Joe Montana? 🤔

  • How is Finebaum still on air and why does ANYBODY give af about his opinion?

  • Why does everyone think that Matt Ryan is a bad QB to be compared to? He’s had a good career

  • It's nice to have a running QB, but at the end of the day, it's about how well the QB runs, it's about how well he throws. We still don't know if the Ravens can win a Super Bowl with Jackson and he's the best running QB the league has ever seen.

  • 49ers drafting Mac Jones is Trubisky with Bears

  • Another Mac jones hit piece

  • If this happens I have the perfect grade for this “story” 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Mac Jones?? I'd rather fist myself with spiked brass knuckles!!

  • Shanny and Lynch only went to Alabama pro day to talk to Belicheck. Stop the Jones to Niners talk

  • I get the nfl is changing but a pack of mobility automatically means you’re not a worthy of 3rd overall? They act like there aren’t plenty of mobile guys who were total busts in the past too. I think mobility is a bonus not a necessity

  • Why not change tone, and draft pene swell OT. Sorry about the spelling. maybe trade JG and MM an maybe 3rd too patriots for Cam an there first, or just there first. And sign let's say Alex Smith or etc. And there's still a chance at 15 you get a shot at a decent Rookie QB, but starts with the line I what do I know.

  • I’m a LIFELONG 49er fan....FAITHFUL...DO NOT DRAFT MAC JONES. He’s a game manager @ best. Justin Fields is the choice. Trey Lance is plan 2. If the 49ers takes Jones. FIRE KYLE SHANAHAN & JOHN LYNCH IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This dude will be a bust no matter where he is drafted...

  • bro idk why everyone thinks that every qb needs to run but yet there is so many that dont and last time i checked the ones that do it from the pocket win Super bowls but ayee pick the project and see how that works acting like mac jones doesnt have elite traits when mac jones is a better thrower and more elite decison maker than justin fields i dont understand all this mac jones hate but love for tua

  • Mac Jones is the obvious better QB and better pick. These guys talk about traits in a QB that don't really matter. You need a guy who is a great polished passer not a runner So Mac Jones had great players and system but Fields or Burrow didn't? GTFO

  • Mac jones is the next chad pennington. Niners better pass on him.

  • TLaw and fields both had elite wide receivers, top offensive lines and good running backs. Only thing is, Mac went to Alabama, and everybody hates Alabama. Roll tide!!!!

  • Noooooooooooooo🙏🏻

  • Armchair draft selctors ignore too many things. What most don't realize is that Mac Jones faced consistent hi performance defenses with an all SEC schedule compared to what Fields and the other WBs faced. Granted, Fields was injured, but ... Justin Fields went 17-33, for 194 YDS and 1 TDMac Jones went 36-45 for 464 YDS and 5 TDFor the season ,...2020 QBR = Mac Jones (1st @ 203.1) / Trevor Lawrence (13th @ 169.2) / Justin Fields (10th @ 175.6)2020 Compl. % = Mac Jones (1st @ 77.4%) / Trevor Lawrence @ (10th @ 69.2%) / / Justin Fields (7th @ 70.2%)2020 Yards per Att. = Mac Jones (1st @ 11.2) / Trevor Lawrence @ (12th @ 9.4) / / Justin Fields (14th @ 9.3)2019 QBR = Tua (1st @ 206.9) / Burrow (2nd @ 202.0) / Hurts (3rd @ 191.2) / Trevor Lawrence (9th @ 166.72) / Justin Fields (4th @ 181.4) / 2019 Compl. % = Burrow 1st (1st @ 76.3%) / Tua (4th @ 71.4%) / Hurts (7th @ 69.7%) / Justin Fields (12th @ 67.2) / Trevor Lawrence @ (17th @ 65.8 %) / 2019 Yards per At. = Hurts (T-1st @ 11.3) / Tua @ (T-1st @ 11.3) / Burrow (3rd @ 10.8) / Justin Fields (8th @ 9.2)/ / Trevor Lawrence @ (12th @9.00) Who in college history has better stats than Mac Jones ? Who had anything near his stats against tougher opponents ? mac is one of those players who ... ya don't know how he does it, he just does.Strength of Schedule ....Alabama = 3rdOhio State = 28thClemson = 62ndWho was better coming outta collage athletically ... Tom Brady or Mac Jones ? TB is 6'-04" / Jones is 6'-03" .... TB is 225 lbs / Mac is 218.

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  • please dear god NO -

  • I see Jones as another Garapolo, and if he can be durable, then SF won't be making a mistake. However, this all reminds me of the year Luck went #1 as the next Peyton Manning, and Washington traded up for RGIII, while Russell Wilson went in the third round. The smart teams usually are the ones that trade down.

  • Lol All this non stop pushing a QB has to be a top athlete. Cant think of one top athlete QB who won a SB outside maybe Russ wilson but really mostly every single time its been a pocket QB who can move alright but not some WR type or RB type. Remind me how many SBs Vick have ? Or lamar ? or Cunnigham

  • Pitts going No. 3 to the 49ers would be one of the biggest stories in draft history.

  • Swagu is for real!

  • It would be one of the stupidest stories of the draft. NFC West is a mobile QB division. Fields has all the tools to play from the pocket. Fields maxed out the intelligence test. He's got great accuracy and can chuck it across the field without effort.

  • These "experts" have way too much time on their hands.

  • You know who else was a freak athlete? RG3...

  • Mac Jones will be the best Qb in this draft.

  • All yall going to feel real stupid when this weak azz dude don't get drafted at #3. Mac is trash 🗑

  • What a lot of fans are missing is that the 49ers already have pieces. They’re missing someone to orchestrate those weapons, they’re not a struggling franchise who needs kyler Murray type, Mac ran that bama offense how it’s supposed to be ran. That’s what he has to do in SF