Debating ESPN’s NBA best 25 under 25 rankings | KJZ

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
Debating ESPN’s NBA best 25 under 25 rankings | KJZ
Alan Hahn, Chris Canty and Bart Scott debate ESPN’s list of the NBA’s best 25 under 25 players list.
0:00 Reacting to ESPN’s NBA best 25 under 25 list.
1:37 Alan Hahn top 5 building blocks under age 25.
3:40 Chris Canty on the bright future for Devin Booker.
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  • This is worst than the original list😂

  • Rj > edwards

  • The real top 5 Luka Jayson Tatum Zion D Book Lamelo

  • It is Bull**** if Luka isn’t 1

  • Why dont we know about Devin Book... Simply cause he's been in the lottery for 5 years str8 and would be again without cp3

  • Luka Dončić went for 27 points against Milwaukee the other night, his 35th game of the season with 25+ points. Dončić’s 35 games with 25+ points leads the @NBA this season and he currently has the most (81 games) in the league since the beginning of last season.

  • FAIL. Lmao what a joke of a video

  • Luka at 3 exposes you. Absolute nonsense.

  • do these guys even watch games? Devin has never taken Suns to the playoff and Luka has already done it by himself in 2nd year.. without chris paul they would look same as last year, so he is not 1, even Tatum is above him , as for Zion lets see him finish this year on the court and then talk, same with LaMelo he played so few games, other teams have not started to put him in scouting report yet, and all teams game-plan for Luka, lets see if Lamelo can adjust if and when he gets there, in fairness what Mitchel does translates to wins so .. 1. Luka, 2 Tatum , 3 Mitchel 4 Ja Morant and 5 could be Karl Anthony Towns or Devin Booker, both are talented and both cant take the team anywhere on their own.... Although come to think of it KAT is 25 already?

  • What a shitty list

    • @Jonil Joseph then he is talking about durability as if Zion isn't the one with the injury history and the oger bulky body lol man

    • 🤣he somehow outdid the original list

  • Ben Simmons

  • " availability is the best ability " I didn't know Luka missed 3 months because of a knee injury, Cough Cough * Zion

  • Ill take luka number one

  • I heard Luka at 3 and I don't even need to hear who you got at 1 and 2. You're just wrong.

  • How do u still not know how to say Lukas name like how ignorant can these people be

  • Alan is crazy ....his analysis stinks...

  • Anthony Edwards potential is far greater than LaMelo. Putting up over 20+ points a game where he has to be the #1 and #2 scorer on the team. Under the conditions he’s under at 19 he’s amazing. If Devon Booker needed a point guard to get notice, put a pg with Edwards and skies the limit.

  • I want this guy is smoking.

  • This dude is a Business School reject version of Cowherd

  • and his list is way worse lmao

  • From being underrated to massively, blasphemously, and stoopidly overrated by some dude named Alan, I present to you Devin Booker

  • Trash list

  • Booker is the same age as Mitchell... Also, how is Booker ahead of Doncic on that guy's list? Doncic is ahead of Booker in EVERY category and is 2 years younger.

  • No Bam ?!

  • What you all smoking there? Devin before Luka?

  • Clicked off when he said mitchell and tatum have reached there potential

  • Karl Anthony Towns?

  • Dude should lose his job with how terrible this list is.

  • Everytime espn do something right they messed it up later Keyshawn was controlling the show and now they have a guy who sound as dumb as skip Bayless

  • This show need keyshawn and zubin back asap because these people have no idea what the talking plus their ignorance is rubbing on jwill

  • I like his list. Devin Booker gets no respect whatsoever only because he plays in PHX. Look at his game. He is special.

  • He makes it sound like zion hasn't missed games due to injury Devin Booker is not a franchise carrying player I see him a very close comparison to clay Thompson offensively but needs that other scorer to take pressure off him in order to shine

  • Why is Ja' Morant not on this list especially you talk'in future upside.

  • His logic makes no sense lol doesn’t actually add up coherently.

  • And we thought ESPN's original best 25 under 25 was bad? This guy is insane.

  • I love Book and I could see putting him in Top 5, maybe even Top 3, but putting him before Luka is absurd

  • Durability .. you put Zion over Luka lmao 🤡

  • Allan Hahn list is so right I think he is a good sports analyst

  • no i think Luca based on what we have seen, Donovan Mitchel, Jason Tatum, Ja Morant and then Devin Booker, Zion is the player with the biggest upside of all of these but he needs to start winning or at least compete for a playoff spot first

  • KJZ is the show but none of them is there😂😂. ESPN should work on the name of their shows

  • Sekou Doumbouya #1 in 2023

  • 1. Luka 2. Zion 3. Tatum rest idk

  • Should be: 1. Luka Doncic 2. Zion Williamson 3. Jayson Tatum 4. De’Aaron Fox 5. Devin Booker 6. Donovan Mitchell 7. Jamal Murray 8. Ja Morant 9. Bam Adebayo 10. Ben Simmons

  • Doncic number 3 ?????????

  • Dude n blue shirt u lame don't know basketball Ja Murant should be in top 5 of everyone's list over Ball

  • Wheres jwill? Hiding from bron

  • Booker Luka Zion

  • Devin booker is better than luka

  • He really put Booker, when the Sun's have been building around him forever and they still trash. Had to bring in the Point GOD who imo is the franchise player there now. Booker is great but he isn't over Luka, stop it. Zion shouldn't be over Luka either, dude literally missed majority of his rookie season cos he was injured. He's just as or even less durable.

  • being a offensive initiator and playmaker are two different things. zion barely averages 3 APG quit calling him a playmaker

  • What a trash pick

  • Devin Booker would not be in my top 20. A special shooter? He is shooting 37 percent from 3. That is not a special shooter.

  • where zubin at??

  • WE Should be predicting who gonna be the next Superteam with the under 25 squad .i truly believe it gonna happen JA Zion KAT

    • @kayvone yea you got a point there

    • Boston already got two pieces in Brown and Tatum so if they can add another all-star/all-nba and some decent role players they’d be on pace

  • D Book shouldn’t be No.1. It’s been proven that he can’t win by himself. Look at Luka, he’s carrying his team to the playoffs.

    • @Darryl Davis lmao you dont watch mavs games? the fact that you mention were stacked & porzingis already invalidates you

    • I think D Book is around 4th. That's accurate and fair. Doncic however is not carrying a team by him self. Sure he can probably take a bad team from 20 wins to 35 wins but that Dallas team is actually somewhat stacked with Porzingis, Brunson, Meli, Hardaway, and several others with length and defense. I don't see a KG in the bunch. I see a lot of players that shoot a lot and like to score but don't dominate at all levels and areas of the game. The NBA hasn't seen a KG in many years. Still I only see 2 players that can do everything and win that is Leonard and James. Everyone else that is winning is on a stacked team.

  • 25 and under 1. Doncic 2. Jokic 3. Zion 4. Booker 5. Mitchell 6. Simmons 7. Young 8. Morrant

  • an even worse take than ryan hollins. atleast ryan is funny haha

  • When this man put Lamelo over JT 2:20 seconds in. I already knew this list was gonna be garbage. Tatum is a franchise player. Imagine putting Zion and D Book above Luka. Luka is in his 3rd season and he's already shown he can carry a team to the playoffs. Book is about to make the playoffs for the first time and he had to do it with another all-star. Zion is a baby, hasn't even played 80 games yet. Definitely not putting him over Luka. Luka has the potential to be a top 10 player all-time.

  • I love Devin Booker but luka #1, #2 Zion #3 dbook

  • Those are idiot dont know their talking

  • 1.Luka proven winner since Barcelona 2.Mitchell smoking rest of the west 3. Booker a volume shooter with potential to be all time scorer 4. Tatum 5. Zion (overrated)

  • Good list

  • hey look i don’t agree with zion over luka but booker has a legit argument to be number one and it’s good to see him finally be in an appropriate spot on one of these lists

    • Luka beats him in every category, including age.


  • Booker and CP3 are the closest we can get to Kobe and CP3.

  • Respect for all players but Luka did everything

  • All I know is De’Aaron Fox better be top 10 Massively underrated 😡

  • "I know, Lamelo shouldn't be 3rd that's stupid, but we are running out of topic to BS on, just go with it" That's how the list was made.


  • No Jamal Murray, Trae Young, Ja Morant, Brandon Ingram???? KAT is right at 25🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    • They're like 9th to 15th probably. They are talking about the top 5.

  • Luka not durable? Yet he is playing with grown men since he was 17. Won mvp and roty. 0 injuries And zion played injured after few games in nba Lamelo also got injured after few games All i can say is racial prejudice

  • Yeah I don't know the idiots who put lamelo on there ,he hasn't even played a whole season what happens if he is injury prone he don't have any weight they push around 😂

  • How is Devin Booker not top 5

  • Who da fook is this guy

  • Mpj should be top ten

  • 1Luka 2Tatum 3Booker then his list fine to me lol

  • Frankly, if you replace doncic with booker in Dallas, I'm not sure Dallas makes the playoff. That should be the acid test for a franchise player. Booker was the guy in Phoenix for a while and didn't do anything. Even with Ayton, he couldn't do much. Would argue that Rubio and now CP3 have more to do with the Sun's success than Booker, just based on empirical evidence.

  • This dude on drugs

  • MPJ is number 1 and the rest follow.

    • Facts that man a sniper and natural born scorer

  • He’s right dbook> luka, Anyone who chooses other wise is a casual. Luka it literally a defensive liability on defence

  • 100% agree with Alan, dbook been doing this for years, he’s consistent literally a mini Kobe and not enough ppl give him credit

    • He's 2 years older than Luka and behind him in every category.

    • He has not made any winning lol. He is not top five

  • ESPN ranking is not important!!

  • Luka is the best option Nd it’s not even close. None of these guys are on his level. Devin Booker?? Over Luka?? INSANE‼️ Drug test this man right now

  • How do you put Lamelo above Donovan and Tatum 🤦🏾‍♂️??ESPN trippin trippin bruh. That man Lamelo ain't on they level yet. They always hypin this man up. He's averaging what you're supposed to average when you enter the NBA being Top 3 pick in the draft.

  • Love Booker but when it comes to overall potential It’s hard to put him over Zion or Luka.

  • So your argument against Luka, who has missed like 10 games in his career, was can his body hold up. But then you didn’t mention it for zion and put him a head of him, who is easily the biggest question mark for a young player in the league long term. His knees might not hold up, that’s a fact

  • Booker is a baller and I don’t think he’s a bad pick, there’s no bad pick on that list, but he’s 5 on that list, maybe 4 if you wanna argue about him and Tatum.

  • So funny to see dude from fox switch over and vice versa

  • Kzn without kzn .wow

  • 51st comment

  • ESPN list 2021, ladies and gentlemen😂😂😂

  • A part from Devin Booker and Donovan Mitchel, no one is comparable to Luka Doncic, he will last in time for one reason, he don't entrust his game atleticism, but on skills, and skills, don't disappear with time. 1 Luka Doncic 2 Donovan Mitchell 3 Zion Williams 4 Devin Booker 5 Lamelo Ball

    • Lamelo ain't self higher than mpj

  • i dont think even Devin Booker would start a franchise around himself

    • @Darryl Davis Stop it , DB isnt even the best player on that Suns team . Booker couldn't even make the playoffs for 5 seasons without cp3 , Luka carried the Mavs to the playoffs and is doing it again this year .

    • He's in second place with only 2 other players. Doncic has a similar team and is in 7th.

  • Devin Booker is the ultimate scorer and all the haters and naysayers have no argument when they hear his high scores.he up there with kobe and wilt Chamberlain numbers may they both rest in peace.

    • @Immortus Eternal ?

    • @Rio Cohen the fans of basketball care you silly millenial .the real die hardcore fans .so the next time you see the nba draft brainiac you'll get a better understanding of how legion we are .

    • lol he scored 70 in a loss during the regular season. Who cares???/

  • This is isn't even KJZ anymore none of them are there

  • This is seriously a joke .... It's like these people don't even watch the games

  • Crackhead list

  • i’m taking booker and tatum over luka

  • Yo espn come get your man 'cause he tripping

  • No brain cells were detected