How Fernando Tatis Jr. and MLB’s youngest stars are changing the ‘unwritten rules’ of baseball

Publicerades den 7 apr 2021
ESPN’s Joon Lee talks to current and retired MLB players about how the youngest generation of stars is inspiring a fresh look at baseball’s contentious “unwritten rules.” Guests include: Jason Heyward, Taylor Trammell, Carlos Gomez, Lucas Giolito, Jose Bautista, Amir Garrett, Eduardo Perez and Harrison Bader.
0:00 Fernando Tatis Jr. is the face of MLB’s youth movement
0:33 What are the “unwritten rules?”
2:24 When Tatis broke the “rules” in 2020
3:12 Carlos Gomez deals with controversy
4:42 MLB’s alienating on-field culture
5:40 What Black MLB players experience
7:19 The evolving view of bat flips and celebrations
8:24 Jose Bautista’s iconic 2015 bat flip
10:22 MLB’s embrace of fashion and fun
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  • You celebrate in every other sport. But you didn’t in mlb.

  • so, it's the White players trying to create the unwritten rules? Uhh? what's that called?

  • Did he just turn this into a race thing????? Lol bro😂 I support tatis and Carlos but wth dude

  • You need women players

  • Making this about race is ludicrous.... baseball wants the best players they can find. That’s it. Its already the most international sport other than soccer. Unwritten rules are fine cause they make videos like this.

  • How’d I know it was gonna go to race “the white american way” lol well I hate to break it to u bud but your playing a white American sport invented by whites so stfu and be thankful

  • Run up the score. Keep swinging but also be respectful with body language and words. Also don’t let ESPN bait this into a political piece.

  • These unwritten rules make baseball less interesting to watch honestly

  • It’s not a race thing. This was ok until you made it a race thing. 🛑

  • Unwritten rules are so fking dumb

  • Basball players are almost as soft as soccer players. That’s what I got from this

  • Its not just unwritten rules in sports, people are discarding etiquettes everywhere.

  • You can't just hit bean anybody anymore. The players are making too much money.

  • When you're making 45 million a year without having to earn it you don't care.

  • Back it up and you should be able to showboat and express yourself, it's raw emotion. That's how you get fans watching and kids playing.

  • Baseball is lame, players too emotional, unwritten rules huh? Lmao miss me with that, no thank you, I'm good 💨

  • Is this wokeball 5.0 ?

  • How long is baseball gonna let people throw pitches at people? What's gonna happen when someone gets eriously hurt? Or has a career ending or altering injury? It's a 90 plus mph bullet.

  • This is why baseball sucks... if you're a competitor you "play till the whistle "

  • Maybe people will respect baseball now.

  • This is the only time I’ll agree with that woke BS. White American way of playing baseball is soft af. But also who tf is this Lee guy? And why is this dweeb on ESPN?

  • If I’m there, I’m showboating, I’m flipping my bat, I’m dancing, I’m shimmying across the plates. You don’t want me to, strike me out.

    • @kasey gamez You don’t wanna watch Clayton Kershaw do a lil moonwalk after striking someone out?

    • @Vishnu Rao Dancing with the Stars has a market maybe you should enjoy that game

    • @kasey gamez Imagine a pitcher doing a backflip after striking someone out. The game would be so much more entertaining.

    • @kasey gamez the pitchers should celebrate if they want to lol

    • @MSM_ Mrgamer do pitchers celebrate strikeouts by flipping their gloves over their heads and doing floss dances around the mound? Old or new you disrespect the game and you get repercussions. I dont have to teach lessons the guy with broken ribs can help deliver the message on how he can behave

  • At the end of the day it’s soft to have these are natural conqueror the don’t care about who loses and teams shouldn’t be so sensitive to loses just get better. you should be able to celebrate regardless!!

  • Booooo!!! Sellouts!!!

  • Whoa, a great start than took a HARD LEFT I’m out. Such BS

    • Seriously this liberal nerd made it about BLM for no reason lmao. ESPN is a joke now

  • You had me till you made it about racism, now I like the unwritten rules just because.

  • I grew up watching baseball, played myself for years. The game just isnt the same. Im not fond of bat flipping but have no problems with it. But staring down the ball as its leaving the park there is no better feeling. Pitchers hold grudges

    • @Darius Jones i follow but not as passionate about the game i once was. Only care about the yankees lol

    • @toby2k75 yep, haven’t followed the game in years because it’s so dry

    • @Darius Jones thats what im saying. The game has not been the same. Since rob mannfred took over

    • Played growing up, and our coach would tell us to grow a pair lol. A grown man playing a child’s game and his feelings is hurt because his opponent stared down a homer? Yikes. That pitcher is fragile

  • Gomez is my favorite baseball player of all time and if it weren’t for the way he plays that wouldn’t be the case.

  • these unwritten rules are for the pitchers that can't take losing

  • Ohh so what you’re saying is there’s unwritten rules because Americans are soft and they can’t handle it when they’re losing? Bunch of pansies

  • The “unwritten rules”, reason #17 why baseball is dying.

  • Baseball is full of nonsense like this, and superstitions, because it’s just so boring otherwise.

  • Baseball is for sensitive tough guys.

  • Baseball dead anyways

  • MLB better step into the 21st century or end up America's PAST time.

  • Carlos Gomez sounds like he was shot in the mouth.

  • Soft

  • Baseball is not my thing; this probably why lol! 👎🏾

  • Baseballs unwritten rules are killing the game

  • This was a bad time to release this tbh

  • annnnnndddd there is the race card

  • LOL imagine having to apologize. More pitchers should purposely go down 3-0 since everybody isnt going to swing what a joke

  • I agreed with almost all of this until you made it about race. I’m so tired of it.

  • White ppl smh

  • Unwritten Rules of MLB= Pitchers are snowflakes and since most of them are White we must protect their feelings

  • It's not a white thing. It's a respect thing

  • Banish whitey's unwritten rules

  • If it’s not written, it’s not a rule 🤷‍♂️

  • People hating on the unwritten rules. It's called respecting the game.

  • Boring. Tatis. Gets hurt.go home take your 💰 happy

  • No one care about baseball

  • The ones upset about the grand slam are absolute clowns

  • Good those rules are ghaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • Didn’t MLB just pull the All Star game from Atlanta due to the GA voting laws that passed ???? 🧐 (social justice comment)

  • Why do u have to make everything about race

    • @Leon Sugar not white players just american players. they made it about race by saying white players

    • They brought up how people from other countries and cultures play more expressively than white players. Not that difficult to comprehend. No one said it was racist just different. Relax.

    • its an American league so American rules not a race thing

  • needs to turn up

  • Yall still rocking with baseball⁉️

  • Latin players* As always

  • MLB puttin on the full court press..."guys plz come watch us, we're cool now" 🤣

  • So what I take from this video is that there are A LOT of not straight men playing baseball.

  • As a so called “black” man who grew up in a major city, I would definitely watch baseball more if they allowed more freedom of expression from celebrations dorm to the cleats they wear. As long as it’s not delaying the game or ppl aren’t getting hurt, let them folks live

    • @Jamal Jones yeah as you are a Latino black man . Surely you watch baseball.

    • @Spit on it Paw paw you can call it what you want. Bt you seen towards the end of the video how even the players are talking about being “swaggy”. MLB would bring evem more money if they did Jordan, Nike, Under Armor shoe collabs in the teams color ways.

    • Lmao u sound like a female worrying about what kinda shoes u wear 😃

  • ESPN is garbage... why am I here? Back to pat McAfee and jomboy

  • We all know these Black and Latino players don't like rules for their own group. They prefer gangs over law enforcement. Now they got Right Wing trash following their ways.

  • Go ahead and act a fool, but you are gunna hurt your team's overall chances . Other teams will be getting ready to play you. They will circle the dates.

    • @Freddie Simmons prepare isn't the verb. Get up for is what I'm talking about. Teams get up for playing the Dodgers (not the Marlins.) When Pebbles Tatis is doing all this celebratory dancing, and crazy bat flips, I don't think it helps her team. I understand that the player's team likes it, but I think other teams get up much stronger to play her team than they normally would. If this was such a great plan, don't you think the best managers would be encouraging it? This is a clown show down there in Sam Diego encouraging it. They mismanaged her shoulder. They are a stupid organization. You watch. This Pebbles Tatis and Lamet will both need surgery. This resting with love and seaweed isn't gunna do it.

    • They don't prepare for every team?

  • Well to be honest, seems like the unwritten rules was a way to keep white guys relevant in a majority white sport. Instead of forcing those guys to compete, and get better, they just found was to stunt other people growth.

    • @Stanley Apollon this a literally the dumbest comment, I’ve came across.

    • Honestly speaking, there's no base stealing, hit n run, bunting and complete games by pitchers. How about more of that along with bat flip fingers, huh?⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

    • No let's be really honest blacks are children who can't control their emotions and constantly desperately need attention

  • It doesn't help your team. Makes the opponent play harder, but yall know everything, already. The only ones who did well doing this was the Astros. We all know why they thought they could do well doing it. The Giants won 3 World Series in 5 years, and much of their success was due to celebrating in a way that didn't energize other teams.

  • The trash already have WWF and Ultimate fighting to watch.

  • Ah yes. The white racists again.... when does does this victimhood bs end? Now its celebrating in baseball racism... smh.. it's getting creepy.

  • Pebbles Tatis needs milk, right away.

  • Baseball seems to be very wanky and this coming from someone who likes cricket.

  • How did the unwritten rules turn into 60% of this vid being nothing but race baiting? This is why espn is a dumpster fire.

  • Unwritten rules are for the illiterate

  • Unwritten rules Made by boomers to suppress millennials and gen x and z

  • It’s weird seaing espn do a good segment, but I’ll take it!

  • Imagine doing this story last year when these rules were being broke. Oh wait, Jomboy did...

  • It’s about winning. If I have a talent like theses guys, I’ll say this “stop us or shut up. Y’all hate us this bad? Don’t worry we love playing the villain role.” I love the MLB growing up but over the years I been losing love for it. I return watching it two years and I’m enjoying watching players being themselves

  • Here’s what I hate about this, most of the people who are hating on Tatis for being fun and exciting have never played pro ball

  • This is why ppl say baseball is lame

    • @Spit on it Paw paw nobody cares about baseball bro notice how baseball is barely brought up in these mainstream sports shows

    • It’s not though there’s a reason why it’s the oldest sport in America and if it was lame it wouldn’t have lasted 170 years like it has

  • He’s dropping some sick NFT’s on ethernity chain soon.

  • Don't get blown out then😂

  • I think the unwritten rules in baseball are there to protect the feelings of pitchers, whereas the unwritten rules of hockey are there to self-policing.

  • How is he supposed to sit and not swing at a pitch, that pitch goes against his stats no matter what. The unwritten rules make is seem like your not man enough to lose. Kid’s teams get blown out, but it hurts your feeling because your in the MLB and you can intentionally throw a ball at someone.

    • The players are making too much money for people to fight and get hurt when they're being shown up.


    • Gen Z is the generation that tried to cancel Eminem for Love the way you lie

  • ‘Unwritten rules’ is just another way of saying ‘Archaic etiquette guidelines.’ They’re a vestige of the game’s past and should be ignored.

  • jomboy media > espn

  • MLB F off

  • Time to cancel CORPORATE SPORTS pushing their godless woke on us. They say nothing of the atrocities happening in Communist governments but want to get on a state who simply desires people to have a ID to vote These people don't speak out against the evil of Nations around the world that are actually hurting and killing people for their faith if they are selling out for some bread crumbs from these Communist governments they will not be welcomed into the kingdom of God

  • The un written rules are so stupid and 90% of them benefit the pitcher.....pitchers are nothing but cry baby losers

  • This video is only 8 months late, but cool

  • I’ll run up the score on you every time grown up

    • You don’t want the score run up? Get better

  • Sorry for hitting a Home run. Come on...

  • I hate the bat toss, bean him!

  • The buck stops here. Support MLB boycott.

  • These “unwritten” rules and traditions is what makes baseball a dying sport

    • @Matthew Stafford's Burner what harm does this actually cause though

    • It's a traditional sport. You can't tear down the tradition or the sport is gone. Sellin out to the wro g crowd

  • Tatis overrated not even the best SS in the NL West

  • when was this written? feels old

  • Bautista got snuffed so Tatis could walk.

  • Somehow he brought it into race

    • @MrRay you stroke a nerve in him by telling the truth baseball just don't connect with the youth like basketball or soccer

    • @MrRay he is tired don't worry about him because those owners cares. You see how much money the NFL, NBA and soccer makes. Yeah

    • @First Last well if you don't want your sport to then who cares then 😅

    • @MrRay nobody cares

    • It is true tho. Baseball have become more and more unpopular in black communities. Compared to football and basketball

  • Y’all giving tatis credit for what other new guys like Tim Anderson and Juan Soto were ALREADY doing

    • They didn't give him credit...that grand slam was the turning point when people actually attacked the people tryin to enforce the unwritten rules.

    • non-baseball fans know Tatis tho

  • Man all these shitty rules is making my blood boil